Landmark Leicester department store set for closure this Friday

By Matthew Earth


Shoppers in Leicester are going to miss an historic department store, a member of the store’s staff has said.

The Leicester branch of Fenwick, on Market Street, is due to close on Friday, leading to mass sales and empty shelves.

Sunil Padhiar, a sales assistant at Fenwick, said the closure was down to a combination of factors, including “leaving going online a bit late.”

“While it is very popular with the older generation, this store doesn’t attract the younger people,” Mr Padhiar said.

It was announced in January that the Fenwick department store in Leicester, which opened in 1962, would be closing in an announcement on the company’s Facebook page.

The closure will leave ten branches of Fenwick throughout the UK.

As well as the company’s reluctance to launch an online store, Mr Padhiar blamed the store’s closure on the recent relocation of council offices, as well as people’s tendencies to shop at the city’s Highcross shopping centre.

“People do not tend to come down this street anymore,” he said.

Mr Padhiar added that customers “generally prefer” shopping at a more traditional department store such as Fenwick, as opposed to competitors such as John Lewis.

He also said he expects the property to be converted into flats.

While Mr Padhiar said that many customers have expressed their sadness at the news of the imminent closure, there are others who have said they will not miss the store.

A woman, who only gave her name as Theresa, said the store’s pricing and the behaviour of the staff has contributed to the closing of the branch.

“I can see why they are closing. It’s because of the way they have been treating their customers,” she said.

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