Future of Little Angelz uncertain

By Charlie Bourne

Little Angelz Nursery

Little Angelz nursery in Humberstone Gate

Members of staff at Little Angelz day nursery at Humberstone Gate, fear for the future of the nursery, as parents threatened to remove their children once a new alcohol recovery centre opens.

Despite emotional and passionate pleas on behalf of the nursery, at a council meeting last week, Inclusion Healthcare were granted permission to begin developing the centre, after the previous two planning applications were denied.

The nursery’s future, as well as some of the children, is uncertain as a result of the decision. Parents are now more reluctant to send their children to the nursery and some of those with children who already attend, say they will move once the centre opens.

Ashleigh Burne, who works at Little Angelz and spoke at the council meeting, said: “Some parents have said they will leave when it opens and getting new children will be difficult, as some parents looking to bring kids here in the future have already said they wont if this opens.

“We will safe guard the children no matter what and we are in contact with safeguarding boards at all times, so we can help make it safer, as the children are the priority.”

When discussing how this decision will affect the kids, Ashleigh said: “Play time is restricted now and a member of staff must be near the gate meaning one less member of staff is able to interact with the children.”

She added: “If children leave here there will be another resettling process for them in new nursery’s which could take months and that will harm their learning.”

With the recovery centre’s development beginning within the next three years, those involved with the nursery fear for its long-term future, as both a business and as a vital service to help young children prosper.

To get in contact with Little Angelz, call 0116 251 9329.


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