Prince Harry visit: Leicester people give their reaction

By Milo Burgoine-Roth, Alex Leadbitter and Tyler Arthur.



In the early hours of the afternoon, Prince Harry arrived at the Leicester Aids Support Service (LASS) building to speak to the people who live with HIV, just as his mother Princess Diana had done in 1991.

The group of bystanders who awaited Harry’s arrival and departure outside the LASS building sported flags and cameras for the young Prince and were more than willing to share their views on him.

Anne Portwood, who had attended the event with her son, said: “I’m a very keen fan of the royal family I think they work very hard. I also happen to be a massive fan of Diana which is why I’m here as I have that link to the children through her.

“I didn’t get to see her when she was here sadly but I did see the Queen at the train station when she came with Kate for the Diamond Jubilee.”

Betty Langton, a fellow royalist, said: “I saw Diana when she came, I’ve seen the Queen twice but I’ve never seen Harry before though. I love the royals.”

Paula Ryan and Jackie Stretton proclaimed themselves to not be royalists but big fans of Harry because they’d met him before when on holiday in Nevis.

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Mrs Stretton said: “We’d been jumping around on reggae buses all day to chase him.”

Mrs Ryan said added: “We got security to send him a photo that I took the last time we met. That’s how I got his attention, I just shouted ‘Give us a wave for Leicester!’ so of course when we found out he was coming to Leicester, and where he was going I rang up Sylvia who works there and told her to tell me what time he was leaving.”

The LASS is an independent voluntary organisation that aims to help people in Leicestershire and Rutland who are affected by HIV and AIDS. They offer services such as housing, benefits, employment and access to funds or grants for anyone affected.

He started his visit to Leicester at Hamilton Community College where the prince met youngsters involved in the Yes You Can project.

Prince Harry will end his visit on Saffron Lane at Pink Lizard, which is an organisation which helps young people in deprived areas.

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