How House of Verse plan to shake up Leicester music scene

By Ollie Heppenstall

Leicester-based House of Verse will be appearing at the popular 2funky Music Café on March 25th, performing a mixture of spoken word poetry, music and comedy.

The group, a performance troupe and variety clan encompassing spoken word, music, art, rappers and beatboxers and formed by former De Montfort graphic design student Jenny Hibberd, plays monthly variety events in and around Leicester.

She said: “House of Verse was born out of my degree in graphic design. As part of it I was designing exhibition installations and the graphic content for them. Much of that has now found its way into our gigs and performances.

“We try to link cultures and meld art forms here at House of Verse, and to create a warm and welcoming community where people are able to express themselves however they see fit. It’s somewhere you can go and find something that you never knew you liked.”

She continued: “During the event itself, when I’m in that space, I don’t need to worry about anything. All of my responsibilities and worries are gone as a result. It’s the freedom to exist and to express yourself with no strings attached that makes it what it is.

“The best way to get involved with House of Verse is to either visit our website or Facebook page, or come to a gig and talk to us there. After the Music Café gig we’re appearing at The Y on April 8th.”

House of Verse can be found on Facebook at thehouseofverse, on Twitter at @thehouseofverse or at

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