DMU Earth Week: Prayers become crafty on campus

By Sophie Sandberg

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De Montfort University kicked off Earth Week to focus on creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly environment for students and staff.

The first event of the week was an arts and crafts workshop that took place in the university’s chaplaincy.

Students and staff were invited to the chaplaincy to create a wall decoration by re-using the prayer-ribbons from the 24-hour #LoveInternational vigil that took place earlier this year.

Over the course of a week, March 20 to March 24, students and staff can attend a whole range of events and learn how to make their life more environmentally friendly.

Karl Letten, 46, environmental and sustainability officer at DMU, was one of the organisers of a similar concept last week and has high expectations for this year’s Earth week.

“The idea is to engender some greener behaviour by teaching staff and students how to reduce waste and save energy,” said Mr Letten.

He also added: “This week is all about playing your part as an individual, it’s good for DMU, it’s great for the planet and it’s also great for other people around the world.”

He means that an increased knowledge of how to live a greener life is something we all need, not just while we are at university but throughout the course of our whole lives.

Reverend Hillary Surridge, 48, coordinator at the university’s chaplain, said: “We were so delighted to be a part of the vigil and it was an amazing opportunity for DMU to stand up and for our voices to be heard.

“We kept the prayer ribbons from the vigil and saved them in the chaplaincy could recycle them and make a wall hanging out of them during Earth Week as a lasting reminder of people’s hopes and prayers.”

During these days there will be film screenings, workshops and talks about the environment for students and staff to enjoy.

All of these events are free to attend and the schedule for DMU’s Earth week can be found on

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