Student talks of struggle following beloved team across the country



By Ruairi O’Connor

A huge number of the population follow football religiously, but for Luke Smith, a De Montfort University student, being away from his team’s London home is particularly hard.

Smith, 19, has been a lifelong Fulham FC fan, but has not been able to attend as many games this year due to being at university in Leicester, where he studies Journalism.

“It’s tough supporting a team over 100 miles away, especially due to me having to give up my season ticket for the first time in 12 years,” he said.

This is not an uncommon problem with football fans, or supporters of a sports team in any sport, at university.

The price of tickets in professional sports continues to sky-rocket and the current prices of trains around the country is also on the rise.

However, Smith thinks he is lucky due to the current competition his team faces.

“Being in the Midlands makes a lot of games quite accessible for me as many of the teams in the Championship are in the surrounding areas.”

It does appear that this particular fan has been fortunate in where he has chosen to go to university but, like many, he still misses the buzz of a home game.

“Every weekend I miss not being able to go down to Craven Cottage and watching the team I love,” he said.



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