#DMUpride hosts its annual LGBT celebration for the third year running

#DMUpride has kick-started its third consecutive year celebrating and raising awareness around the triumphs and issues within the LGBT(Q) community.

Throughout February until March, there will be a series of on-going events, including a talk by prominent religious figures Reverend Sally Hichiver and Rabbi Mark Solomon on the 16th February.

Third year student, Bradley Salu, 21, studying Sociology said: “The LGBT(Q) events going on is a good idea because we are in a multicultural environment and it’s good to put LGBT(Q) issues at the forefront because it shows we are here and we still have issues to solve.”

He added: “DMU is doing a great job at hosting these events as they show solidarity and representation. Things like this shows people are important.”

From a T-shirt give away to a Gay Comedy Night, there has been something for everyone included within the month’s itinerary.

The message from the events is that students are able to feel comfortable and live as they are without fear of judgement or persecution within university grounds.

The talks on mental health and religion whilst being Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian, Transgender, Queer may enable students to represent their true self.

The next event will be on the 16th February, where religious figures talk about faith and sexuality, information can be found on the DMU.ac.uk website.

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