Changes to roads anger Leicester taxi drivers

By Olivia Mumby

Leicester taxi drivers have expressed their annoyance at the changes to city roads put in place by Leicester City Council.

A driver from A&B taxis, who did not want to be named, said: “The new developments have been a complete waste of money.

“The council have spent millions of pounds on changes to the roads but have actually made the situation worse for taxi drivers.

“They have also removed a car park which made lots of money for the city every year. It just seems pointless to me.”


Jubilee Square, Leicester.

The changes around Jubilee Square, which cost the council about £4 million, have reportedly caused the most problems.

“The new one-way system means we now have to go all the way around whereas before we could just turn straight onto the road,” added the taxi driver.

The addition of many cycle lanes has also reportedly come at a cost to many, with previously quick routes now taking longer.

This in turn pushes up costs for taxi customers.

However, some would argue that the addition of cycle lanes is necessary after the death of cyclist Sam Boulton outside Leicester railway station last year.

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