Young artist debuts EP at The Musician

By Ross Barnett

The Chris King Robinson Band stole the show on Friday night at The Musician with the first performance of their new EP, She’s Got Nine Lives.

dsc_9375Before his show on Friday night, lead vocalist and guitarist, Chris King Robinson told the Leicestershire Press: “The main title track [She’s Got Nine Lives] is very Jimi Hendrix-y and that was where the main influence came from also even a bit Stevie Wonder-ish.

“We tried to blend in as much as we could without sounding too much like them – we wanted to have our own stamp on them.

“We just tried it for the first time. It’s a bit of a weird one, in the studio we just recorded each part separately so we haven’t actually played it as a band yet.”

Still only 22 years of age, Chris said that he is keen to adapt his music in order to build on the success of his debut EP, Tell Me Why You’re Scared, which hit number 1 on iTunes and Amazon charts.

He said:The first EP was to showcase a different style of what we could do and each track had a different feel.

“It was just a feeler of what different people liked and we had a good reception on a couple of the tracks, more so than others and then we developed on a few of the tracks to use those styles of music for the She’s Got Nine Lives EP.”

YouTube helped propel Chris into the music industry: “I got so much great feedback and constructive criticism said to me, it made me believe that I had the natural talent to pursue it as a career.”

On one George Moore cover, he received over 100,000 views.

On the success of his debut single, Lipstick on her Cigar, which also topped the iTunes and Amazon Blues charts, after just one day of sales, Chris commented: “It was a bit of a shock. Zac, my keyboard player, who had ITunes and Amazon on his phone was just checking the Blues charts, and he told me, ‘Chris you’re number 1’.

“I was so shocked because at that time I only expected it to get like 2 sales.”

The year 2017 is only one month old, but Chris hopes to continue touring around the UK and venture once again into Europe where his music is so well received.

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