Getting the chemistry right for DMU students

By Sophie Sandberg

Leading professionals from more than 35 pharmaceutical firms spoke to students at De Montfort University today about how they can get a well-paid job after university.

For the third year running, the DMU careers fair attracted about 350 Pharmacy students from the university.

The fair gave students an opportunity to network with possible employers, listen to guest speakers and prepare themselves for a career in the industry.

photo-2017-03-01Helen Root, 41, senior lecturer in Pharmacy Practice at DMU, one of the organisers of the fair, said: “The purpose of the event is to allow pharmacy students to network with a wide range of training professionals.

“The field of pharmaceuticals is very competitive and an event like this is to make them start thinking about their future and network with training professionals.”

Emma Peate, 42, fundraiser for Pharmacist Support, a charity that helps support pharmacists throughout their education and careers, said: “We, as a charity, are offering support to everyone in the industry of pharmacy and we attend these days to make students aware of our services.

“We are here to help students in times of hardship throughout their degrees and future careers whether that’s about financial struggles, addictions or mental problems.”

Attending the fair were Sam Gill, 21, third year Pharmacy student at DMU and Sharan Kaur, 20, second year Pharmacy student at DMU.

“It’s important to get an insight into the industry and learn the basics of what is expected of us after we’ve graduated,” said Mr Gill.

Miss Kaur said: “These events give us the benefit to see what the industry is like and the field we’re going to pursue a career in.”

Karen Kuo, 51, career consultant at DMU, added: photo-2017-03-01-2“It’s important that students come out of the classrooms and speak to real people from the industry.

“Students may not always realise the importance of networking; we have had students in the past who have met their future bosses on these career fairs.

Helen Root added: “Students should remember that the world of pharmaceuticals is a very small one so they should make the most of the opportunities they are given.

“Be prepared to make yourself go out of your comfort zone and make a good impression.”


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