De Montfort Saints cheerleaders prepare for first competition


By James Tarplee

Preparations have begun within the De Montfort University cheerleading social team ‘The DMU Saints’ for their first major competition.

The first competition, to be held in Peterborough, is rapidly approaching for the Saints. Matthew Wilson, former gymnast and current De Montfort first year student, said training and preparation is as ‘intense as it’s ever been.’

The DMU Saints will go head to head with other competing university cheerleading teams in this highly intense and competitive event.

Matthew said: “We’re training harder than we ever have at the moment, with high intensity, longer sessions in a specialist gym based in Nottingham.”

Matthew however, tells how well him and his team, which mainly consists of females, are thriving under the pressure and new regimes.

“It’s tough but we’re a team of winners, we all want to win this competition and give it our best shot.” he said.

The harsher training however is taking its toll.

‘Aching muscles and exhaustion’ however, are the least of Matthew’s worries. He said: “The aches and pains are bearable but the main thing that I personally and many other of the team are suffering with is the drinking ban.”

The cheerleaders are a highly social team, with scheduled social events every Wednesday which mainly consist of ‘heavy nights out and lots of partying’.

These events however, have temporarily been put on the back burner as the team strives to be in peak condition.

“The ban is killing us because we really enjoy our nights out but we all know and agree how important this competition is to us, sacrifices have to be made.”

The drinking ban however, isn’t affecting atmosphere and morale at camp;.

“The team is still as lively as ever, we’re keeping ourselves focused and will be sure to make up for lost time once we’ve tackled this competition,” added Matthew.

The DMU Saints compete on the 25th of March. Best of luck to our cheerleaders!

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