Islamic Society addresses stereotypes

By Alice Warner

The Islamic Society at DMU is hosting a week of talks and events at De Montfort University to address stereotypes and teach people what they are all about.


From February 20 to 25, all over DMU there will be talks about the history of Islam and interesting facts about the religion.

Mohamed Izagaren, head of the society, said: “We want to get across that we are normal people.”

On Tuesday, there were cakes, sweets and information booklets to get more people interested and learning about Islam.

At the stall, outside the SU, students could also listen to part of the Quran, which was a surprise for those who have not heard it before.

Mohamed added: “There are talks all week to address things that even I didn’t know.

“On Wednesday there was a talk about World War One and how Muslims came from all over to help with a good cause.

“On Friday there is a talk about women in Islam to stop the stereotype that women in the religion are oppressed. Men and women are equal.”

The real message that they want to get across, is that they are normal people.

The society accepts Muslims and non-Muslims, and provides a platform to help all.

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