CAMRA to host beer festival to celebrate 50 years of local radio


Credit: Shawn Collier

Calling all beer enthusiasts and ale taste testers, get ready to mark your calendars for the upcoming CAMRA (Campaign for real ale) Beer Festival that will be showcasing more than 250 beers.

Commencing on March 8 at 5pm through till March 11 at around 10pm will be the annual festival that is to be held at the Charotar Patidar Samaj, located in South Churchgate.

Chairman and event organiser for CAMRA, Shawn Collier, 49, said: “We will be offering a wide range of beers, ciders and perries.

“Around 50 of our beers will be sourced locally, another 20 of them will be vegan-friendly and a further 20 will be gluten free.”

First timers interested in attending the event can purchase a £10 entry package that comprises of a souvenir festival glass and will also contribute to covering the admission fee as well as granting access to a beer card.

Beer cards will be used as a replacement for change at the bars and can be topped up to whatever amount festival goers wish to spend and any unspent credit can be fully refunded for the remaining monetary value.

Shawn said: “Access to the festival will be free for any current CAMRA members and anyone who signs up during the beer festival will receive complimentary beer vouchers.”

He added: “They will also be offered a free copy of the most recent edition of the good beer guide.”

Hot and cold foods will be available during the event and include authentic Indian curries, traditional English dishes and vegetarian alternatives.

The event will be the organisation’s 17th consecutive beer festival to be held in Leicester, with their first one being a standalone festival held in 1999.

Shawn said: “Everyone and anyone that has an interest or curiosity in beer is welcome to join the event.”

He added: “Don’t worry if you’re not particularly a fan of beer as we’ll also have gin, wine, and prosecco bars.

“On top of this, there will be a bottled international and craft beers bar that will be stocking beer from the likes of Germany, the US and Belgium.”

A full list of opening hours and their corresponding admission prices are available below:

Wednesday 8th March 5pm to 11pm = £2.50

Thursday 9th March 11am to 11pm = £2.50

Friday 10th March admissions 11am to 3pm = £2.50, admissions 3pm to 11pm close = £3.50

Saturday 11th March admissions 11am to 5pm = £2.50, admissions 5pm to 10pm close = free

For more information on the event visit or email

By Jason Cowlishaw

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