Beer festival marks The West End Brewery’s first birthday

Owner and manager of The West End Brewery, Josh Gray, photographed in the pub’s brewery room

Birthday celebrations suited for one of the city’s youngest pubs are underway as the plans for its very own exclusive beer festival have been arranged.

Running from March 23 until March 26, The West End Brewery will be offering free beer samples, 14 different variations of real ale, two real ciders, locally produced food and live music entertainment.

Entrance to the event will be free and glasses will be given to punters upon arrival, the Brewery’s own made ales will be on sale during the festival and the list includes IPA, Stout, Copper and Project Pale.

Owner and Manager of The West End Brewery, Josh Gray, 24, said: “Project Pale is an ever-changing pale ale that is made from different hops that change every month.

“We also serve guest brews which is a monthly brew with a limited time availability and for March it’ll be a six and a half per cent Double IPA.”

For more information and regular updates on The West End Brewery’s upcoming beer festival Facebook West End Brewery or search the twitter handle @westendbrewpub

By Jason Cowlishaw

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