What is attracting students to DMU

By Alice Warner

A record number of people are accepting places to study at De Montfort University.


The university has reported that over the past two years 25% more UK students and 75% more students from the EU have accepted a place here.

Reasons cited include that De Montfort University has been named one of the world’s top ‘young’ universities and has won many awards over the years.

DMU also holds a lot of trips and events in EU capitals for students as a part of the #DMUglobal and #LoveInternational projects.

Jade Woodward, a second year Contour Fashion student at DMU, said: “People could be choosing here because of the courses. We have a lot of external clients that come in, giving you a chance to work in the industry and to a time scale.

“This gives you more of an advantage when you get into a workplace.”


DMU has many connections and it gives students an opportunity to get into the world of work and experience this before they graduate.

Jade also said: “There are so many opportunities on the course.

“I chose the course because of all of the opportunities that you get. It gets you in to the working environment and it gives you a feel for the industry, so you are prepared for the world of work.

“Now the university has been done up more people are going to want to come here because it looks really nice.”

DMU has just hosted its latest open day which was a success with a good turnout.

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