Students encouraged to “bring life questions” to week-long Christian event

By Matthew Earth

A week-long series of events are being held in Leicester to give students the chance to ask “big questions” about God and the universe.


Two members of DMUCU with the large question mark

De Montfort University’s Christian Union’s (DMUCU) ‘Fearless Questions’ event began on Monday with a talk in the newly-renovated Campus Centre.

DMUCU has invited students from the University of Oxford for classes and talks to be held throughout this week.

Pat Thomas, one of the Oxford students, said: “We’re encouraging students to bring their life questions, and their biggest questions about God to these events this week.”

DMUCU, like many other Christian societies, hold annual week-long events in order to teach students about Christianity and the life of Jesus.

The first event of the week, titled “Hasn’t Science Disproved God?”, explored how many major scientists are actually Christians, who ‘God’ is to members of Christian Union and what is meant by ‘miracles’.

Free food and drink was supplied to the crowd of 30 during the talks, before the audience was given the opportunity to ask questions and leave feedback.

Kirsty Freeman, a third year textile design student at DMU and equip group coordinator of DMUCU, said this week was organised to raise awareness of Christianity for the university’s students.

“We are hoping to give people the opportunity to hear about Jesus,” said Miss Freeman, who has been a part of the Union since beginning her studies at DMU.

“This is the thing we build up to all year. It’s our main week mission.”

There are ten events being held in total throughout this week, either in the Campus Centre Atrium, the Parcel Yard or the Holy Trinity Church on Turner Street.

A full list of events and times can be found by searching ‘De Montfort University Christian Union’ on Facebook.

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