New York, New York

New York really is the city that never sleeps!

Sales assistant, Jennifer Lucas travelled to the Big Apple with friends Renee and Melissa. As Renee was the last one out of the three friends to turn 21, she decided to take a trip to New York to celebrate. Renee had always wanted to go to New York but wanted to wait until she was the legal age to drink in the US, which is 21.

This wasn’t Jennifer’s first experience of New York. “I’d been to New York before when I was 11 but it was very different experience because I went with family and there were certain things that I couldn’t do,” said Jennifer.

Before going to New York, they were warned by their relatives to wrap up because New York is known for its blistering winters. “We were quite lucky in terms of the weather because we missed the snow by one day and it was quite mild when we were there,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer was full of praise when talking about New York. “It really was the most beautiful city ever, I felt so depressed when I came back to England.

“It really makes the UK look like trash,” said Jennifer

The three best friends spent their three-day trip going to different shopping outlets and trying out new restaurants. “The shopping was a little bit disappointing, I really wanted to get a pair of trainers while I was out there but they weren’t very nice.

“I didn’t really buy much out there for myself to be honest,” said Jennifer.

One thing that did not disappoint was the food, from the huge portions to the intricate flavours. While they were in New York, they dined at Red Lobster, IHOP, a traditional American diner and Popeyes. “IHOP was my favourite, we went there three days in row because we just couldn’t get enough,” said Jennifer. IHOP is an acronym short for International House Of Pancakes. Even though their speciality is pancakes, there are many other things available such as Chicken wings, Macaroni cheese and steak to name a few.

The girls stayed in Manhattan for the duration of their trip but went to Queens for a day to visit Jennifer’s aunty, Lorraine. “It was a lot different to Manhattan, you could tell it was poorer but it was still beautiful there.

“It looked like something out of a movie,” said Jennifer.

Their hotel was based in the centre of Times Square, which was is in a good location. “We stayed at the Sheraton hotel, which was gorgeous. The room should’ve costed us $1200 a night but we found an amazing deal, which included flight and hotel for £510,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer said that she regrets not doing very much sightseeing as she wanted to have a cultured experience as well and not going to a nightclub. As she wanted to see if the clubs in New York were a lot different to the clubs in London. Jennifer and her friends are already planning their return this summer. “We didn’t stay long enough, so we decided we’re gonna go back for 2 weeks next time,” said Jennifer.

By Simone Dalling

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