Square Mile India helping the lives of Dilat children

By Charlie Bourne

De Montfort University’s Square Mile India celebrated it’s one-year anniversary on 11th February and since its start, has launched a series of projects throughout India to help improve the lives of children.


The campaign is specifically aimed at aiding Dilat children of Ahmedabad with essentials, including books, access to medicine and resources to help with their education.

With about 70 students from DMU going over to various places around India, volunteers from the university to help out with various projects haven’t been in short supply,

Community partnerships assistant, Sam Wright said: “The aim is to provide support to Dilat children, who are deemed untouchables, to give them places to live, help with medication and education.”

He added: “It helps students to use their courses to help benefit them, for example product design students made an anti-microbial pillow that germs can’t stick to, to give the children.”

He added: “To donate, there is a monthly direct debit scheme you can sign up to from as little as £2, you can email Amy White and we also have a lot of fundraisers to raise money. We had absailing the other day and we’re trying to set up a zip-line event across campus.”

Executive outreach officer for DMU Square Mile, Amy White, said: “We’ve had many different projects like the dance trip Moving Together, free hearing tests for the kids, drama students built toilets, filmed a TV advert out there, designed footwear and much more.”

Be sure to look out for DMU Square Mile events as they happen, for more information on getting involved with volunteering contact awhite@dmu.ac.uk or make donations by contacting squaremile@dmu.ac.uk.

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