DMU shows love for all at #LoveInternational

By Charlie Bourne

De Montfort University hosted a vigil in support of refugees last week in Hawthorn Square on the University campus.


Following recent events of hatred around the world, such as Trump’s Muslim ban, the University decided to act and hosted a 24-hour vigil named #LoveInternational for any student or member of the wider community to attend.

Over 100 performances including speeches, theatrical performances and interactive activities all had one underlying message, to spread peace and love to all.

Second year business student, Charlie Thomas, said: “It makes me very happy to see that the uni cares about things like this.”

He added: “We should all be embracing one another’s cultures as one anyway so why should refugees be any different.”

Many students came out in support of their university’s loving vigil, many getting involved and watching the many performances throughout the day and night.

Another student, second year Meera Patel, said: “I am massively in support of this – everyone is equal, and university showing support shows you’re at a good uni.”

She added: “It’s the kind of message you want to hear, as I am sure other universities would just sit raound idle.”

Vice-Chancellor Professor Dominic Shellard joined seven students, one from each of President Trump’s ‘banned countries’, to light the final ceremonial candle, in a clear anti-Trump message.

To finish, a ceremonial candle was lit to mark the end of the 24-hour event, that brought many different walks of life together throughout the day. The first of its kind at DMU, the vigil inspired many who came to unite.


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