Leicester anti-Trump protest organisers impressed with turnout

By Max Pearson

Hundreds of people gathered at Leicester’s Haymarket Memorial Clock Tower in the city centre in protest of US President Donald Trump, ahead of his controversial State Visit to the UK.

A young protester showing her disapproval of Donald Trump at the march

The Facebook event, titled ‘Emergency demo against TRUMP Stand Together’, was started by ‘Leicester against Trump’ and saw young and old come together on Monday last week in solidarity against President Trump and his Muslim-ban on 7 countries.

Although they were unable to count the number of people in the crowd, ‘Leicester against Trump’ estimated that between 300 and 600 people attended the demonstration.

The Facebook page said: “We were expecting about 80 people.

“So, when I got there at 6pm and saw that there was already a big crowd around the Clock Tower, I was pretty impressed.”

“Most of the people there hadn’t been on any political demonstration in Leicester before.”

It is believed that the recent worldwide anti-Trump Women’s Marches, which aims were to show support in favour of women’s rights, immigration reform, healthcare reform, the natural environment, LGBTQ rights, racial equality, freedom of religion, and workers’ rights, were the cause of the increased number of people.

Leicester against Trump said: “I think [more people came to the protest at the Clock Tower because] over the weekend many people had seen the Women’s Marches [take place] in the US and beyond, seeing that a mass protest was an option. So, when Trump [introduced] the travel ban, [the people of Leicester] wanted to make clear that they were opposed to it.”

Although, not every person that opposed Trump and his Muslim-ban believed that protesting was the answer.

Writing for Huffington Post, Former broadcaster, Rabbi Kenneth L. Cohen said: “[Trump] was legitimately elected by the American people through the time honoured constitutional process. Protesting this election is protesting the process.”

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