Hundreds gather in Leicester city center in anti-Trump protest

By Harry Rogers

Hundreds of protestors gathered in Leicester city centre last week to rally against newly-inaugurated US President Donald Trump.


Susan Barton addresses the protesters next to the clock tower

The event was one of many taking place across the UK after the President announced he would close America’s borders to certain nationals of Muslim-majority countries.

Residents of Leicester gathered at the Clock Tower with banners and signs to object to Trump’s recent executive order.

One speaker at the protest, Susan Barton, said: “He has power and that power is being used to oppress, to victimize and to cause misery to ordinary people.”

After just a short time in charge of the United States, messages from around the globe about Trump have flooded onto social media expressing anger towards his policies.

A petition online preventing Trump from a state visit to the UK has now gathered over one and a half million signatures and continues to grow.

Kath Lewis, of Stand Up To Racism said: “It’s fantastic to be here tonight as it shows we’re stronger than him.

“He might have the pointed finger, but all together we’re a big fist and I think he’s going to get a bit of a shock.”

Before Trump was elected, around 40 people attended an anti-Trump gathering in the city centre earlier in January.

This contrasts with the several hundred who attended the event last Monday.

Police were present at the protest but were not needed as fans listened to speeches peacefully.

Jack Pearce, a Leicester-based student attending the event, said: “Nothing good is going to come from Donald Trump banning Muslims from America.

“People are sick and tired of this man already, and he’s only just got into power.”

Leicester City FC legend Gary Lineker was part of a crowd who demonstrated for the same cause outside the gates of 10 Downing Street in London.

He later posted a photo on Instagram of the occasion, commenting, “Well Played London”.


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