Students enhance their employment prospects by undertaking a placement year

By Simran Gill


The site where Vaishali Rasiklal’s placement at Robert Bosch Ltd is based, in Nottingham.

Do you fancy an employment opportunity whilst studying at University? DMU offer a range of courses, which propositions a placement year in the middle of your studies, for professional accreditation.

This type of course is called a ‘sandwich’ course, which implies that there is a placement year in the middle of your studies. They can be issued with any course available at DMU and it is up to the students whether or not they take up the opportunity.

Sandwich courses allow students to gain work experience in their desired profession, as well as receiving income, as it is a full time job.

Meera Modhwadia, a student at DMU studying Economics, is currently undergoing placement year in Leicester, with Tech4i2 as an economic research analyst.

Meera said: “So far I’m finding my placement really good, I have a lovely team and there is a great working environment.”

The work experience gained from this opportunity, aids towards future employment prospects, as well as gaining additional skills and qualities to reform as an individual.

Meera added: “I have gained more knowledge on a lot of different areas and industries and I certainly feel up to date with all technology information, such as the 5G network.”

The skills gained also benefits the students for their future, by awarding them with qualities that they would need for their profession and inhibits them to be prepared for their career after graduating.

“I have to get involved in the everyday smooth running of the business in all aspects, such as researching, bid development process, account expenses as well as the technical jobs, which includes viewing the software we use and the running of all electrical items in the office.” Meera added.

Funding is available for students who wish to choose a sandwich placement. For students living away from home will receive a maintenance loan of up to £2,425 and students who live at home receive a maintenance loan of up to £1,819.”

Vaishali Rasiklal, studying international marketing and business at DMU, is currently undertaking a placement in Nottingham, with Robert Bosch Ltd as a marketing assistant.

Vaishali said: “I am currently loving my placement especially now that I’m getting managerial experience, as well as the experience needed to be a Marketer.

“I am responsible for updating the customer accounts, dealing with new products in our selection of ranges and producing promotional material for products that are new.” Vaishali added.

Both of these students have placements which are 12 months in length, as the business and Law faculty at DMU offer placements which last for a year. Humanities offer placements from as little as two weeks, to 12 months.

Vaishali stated: “The experience of working in a real life company, getting to know the insiders and little hacks of being an employee can help with future job roles.”

“We can also apply the skills gained from placement in our university work, so taking this year out is really helpful to my studies.” Vaishali added.

It is not easy trying to get a placement, as there are several steps involved before you manage to secure one.

Vaishali said: “The application process was so stressful, as I applied to so many companies and I didn’t get a placement at first. But after applying a numerous amount of times I managed to get one.”

There are also disadvantages, such as the course length stretches out to four years instead of three.

Meera said: “At the beginning it was hard to fit in with the rest of the team already working at the business, as they already know one another.”

“It’s preparing you for adult work life, but the nine to five work hours drain me out sometimes.” Meera added.

Vaishali stated: “I had to move out from home and move into a studio flat, where I felt lonely sometimes.”

The university has a specialist team keeping in touch with the students who have gone for a placement and they work closely with students to ensure that they are supported and prepared, for the application and recruitment process.

Meera said: “Placements are a good idea, as getting good grades aren’t enough anymore, whereas placements give you an idea as to whether this career option is suitable for you or not.”

If you are interested in taking a placement year as part of your course, visit De Montfort University’s website at:

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