Former DMU student achieves his American dream

By Kerri Stevenson

A former De Montfort University student has opened a studio in Brooklyn in a bid to achieve his dream of setting up his own business in the sound technology industry.

Kieran Kaye, who graduated in 2008 with a Music Technology and Innovation BSc, set up Full English in 2016 and his work involves mixing and designing audio for TV, advertising, online and radio as well as working with independent production companies and advertising agencies in the US and internationally.

He takes a simple approach to his work which allows him to deliver great audio at an affordable price and make the company accessible to smaller production houses and independent artists. city-street-wallpaper-4


Mr Kaye, who previously worked in London for three years and Manhattan for five, says: “I decided to start my own thing rather than spend my time and energy looking for a role at a studio, which can often be very difficult to find.”


Full English have worked with a variety of prestigious companies both in the US and around the world, including Ford, Versace, Wrangler and IBM.

Earlier this month, Mr Kaye spoke to DMU Global students visiting New York City, telling them the story of how he went on to set up his own business and how he managed to find the courage to follow his dream.

He advises current students to face their fears, saying: “My advice to any students hoping to follow in my footsteps is to say ‘yes’, but only in moderation and to always make sure to have a reasonable cushion and backup plan.

“I didn’t frivolously jump on a plane and say ‘screw it’, I said yes to the idea of something and planned carefully, which is why I would advise all students to always have an exit strategy in place, even if it’s curling up in a ball and crying!”

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