DSU opening ceremony welcomed by students

By Charlie Bourne

De Montfort University has spent the majority of the past two years under construction, and although the campus may soon be an inspiring place for students to study, the setting around the university has been quite demotivating.


However, with the opening ceremony for the re-developed Students’ Union, the dull visuals of late around the campus are drawing closer to the end.

With a Starbucks coffee, a new reception desk and Milly Lane’s food and drink court, the new DSU certainly has plenty on offer.

Other projects such as the state of the art Vijay Patel building and the Riverside Café were all opened at various points throughout this academic year.

The Venue@DMU and a brand new Subway has also been introduced throughout campus in 2015.

Nirali Patel, a second year student at DMU, said: “It’s irritating when walking to lectures to have to squeeze around builders through tight walkways and hearing constant noise from machinery.”

She added: “Hopefully when I come back to Leicester after my placement year it will be a much better place to be around.”

Not all of the renovations in the DSU are completed however, a new day and night venue which is being made to replace Level 1, is due to open in a few months’ time.

Once open it is expected to host the Wednesday “Injunction” nights again, currently held at local nightclub XY.

Member of DMU’s football society, George Coyle said: “The SU was always a great end to Wednesday nights.”

He added: “There’s something special about going to your own SU and I honestly can’t wait to see what they’ve done with the place.”

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