Students share experiences of #DMUglobal trip to New York City

snowA group of Journalism students have recently returned to Leicester from a trip to New York City.

They were part of a 1000-strong contingent from various faculties travelling to the city as part of the university’s #DMUglobal initiative.

Students and staff braved sub-zero temperatures and heavy snow to take part in a range of academic activities and to sample the delights of the Big Apple.

As part of their academic activities students were treated to a tour of the NBC studios, where shows such as The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Today and Late Night with Seth Meyers and the iconic Saturday Night Live are filmed.

They were also afforded a sneak peak of an edition of the Sunday New York Times when touring the newspaper’s mammoth purpose-built printing facility in Queens.

Third year Journalism and Media student Fatima Adam said:  “That was really cool because we learnt about how newspapers are printed, and how stories are selected and how the system works, but it was really different going to an actual printing press and seeing how things are made.

“It was on a massive scale and everything was just huge!”


Of the myriad tourist destinations to visit in New York, third year Journalism and Film Studies student Ezgi Turkmen took in Madison Square Garden, the Met museum and Central Park, citing her visit to the latter as her favourite part of her trip.

She said: “I think Central Park was my favourite part, as there was an ice skate rink there as well.

“It was huge and really pretty, and snowing as well, which was really nice. It was cold but we wrapped up warm, so it was okay.”

Ashley Crowson, pictured left,  a third year Journalism and Film Studies student, said that he was particularly taken by the bright lights of Times Square.

He was also full of praise for the city’s culture, adding: “It’s actually the first time I’ve ever visited America, so everything I experienced was pretty much brand new.

“It’s just a great life experience, everybody has to visit New York once in their life. The food there was incredible.

“Breakfast in New York is something everybody has to experience. I think I’ll pay more attention to what I make for breakfast from now on.

“The people there are so nice too, I’d like to think I’ve brought a little bit of New York charm back with me.”

Ashley wasn’t the only student left glowing following his trip.

Sophie Kerrou, a third year Journalism and English Language student, said: “It was great because it opened my eyes up to the world, as I’d never been that far away before.”

Remi Jackson, also a third year Journalism and English Language student, said: “I can’t wait to go again – though I think I’d go when it’s warmer!”

Fatima added: “It was a great experience. There was always something to do and something to find.

“I really want to go back already.”

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