How Demon Media encouraged Fresher David Cooper to unearth a hidden talent for radio broadcasting

By Matthew Chandler

david-cooper‘Going live’ to the city of Leicester can be a daunting prospect with no experience whatsoever, and this is exactly the position that David, 19, found himself in when he joined DMU’s student radio, Demon FM, in September.

However, with a month-and-a-half’s worth of shows now under his belt, David, a first year student from Coventry, is thriving in what was until recently a completely alien environment to him.

“It’s amazing, really, how we’re given the ability to broadcast whatever we want to the public so easily,” said David, who makes key contributions to two of Demon FM’s shows.

David co-hosts a late-night slot every other Sunday on the Urban show, playing some of his favourite underground music, predominantly from the 2000s.

“I like the power they put in their words and the way it has been produced so differently throughout generations, so broadcasting this allows me to speak with someone who has the same level of interest in this, which is really enjoyable.”

Despite this, it is his other show, a midday slot on Weekends, also every other Sunday, which is David’s preferred show of the two – and not only because he co-hosts it with myself.

“I prefer this slot because there’s no limit to the types of music you can play, which makes for a more interesting experience. It’s helped me discover new music, too, like LCD Soundsystem, who you introduced me to.

“It’s a more relaxed show than Urban, especially in terms of chatting inbetween songs, like when I compared you to a dog for not liking fireworks on our very first stint on Demon FM together!”

As a product design student, David is, unsurprisingly, unsure as to whether his future lies in radio, or indeed the media in any capacity, though.

“My course is very different and not music-related. However, I would like to continue this and possibly develop my radio skills and techniques at least for my time at DMU.”

For now, though, he’s happy to keep living the amateur broadcasting dream.

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