Christian Union return after another successful annual weekend away

By Lauren Dewfall


De Montfort University’s Christian Union have taken part in their yearly ‘Weekend Away’ following on with the society’s annual tradition.

29 members of the Christian Union took to Milton Keynes for a two night break last Friday.

Lousia Codling, member of the society, said: “We put on the weekend away to learn more about our faith and to get to know each other better as a group.”

Each year members of the society take a break from their studies to complete activities and prayers as a group to help them further engage in their religion.

Louisa said: “This year we went water zorbing, we had seminars, life after university and small group bible studies.”

The group spend three days in an outdoor education centre sharing rooms and their ideas about their faith with one another.

Lousia said: “We had several larger group talks from Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, who study Christianity at more developed levels.”

Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, or OCCA, are an autonomous study centre based in Oxford who teach individuals or large groups about things such as how to deal with challenges today’s Christian may face.

Louisa said: “They started with an initial talk in which they introduced an idea to us before using the weekend to help go into depth to ensure we can fully understand this idea.”

Not all of the weekend’s activities are based upon the group’s faith, with the group taking part in team games and quizzes to help get to know any new members of the society and build a family like unit.

Louisa said: “It’s important to do this to take time away from uni as being a student can take you away from your faith and gives you less time to practice your religion.”

Like many students Louisa finds it hard to balance her religion and her studies which is one of the reasons that the society run the trip every year.

Louisa said: “Personally, I feel that I have created better and stronger relationships with some of the members of the society and I feel like the final talks really spoke to me and connected with me and that is something I will take with me always.”

The Christian Union run many workshops, events and group talks every week allowing Christian’s or those interested who study at the university to take part in the group.

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