When the odds are Trumped up

By Oliver Senior

If you were brave enough to bet on Brexit, Trumpdonald_trump_phoenix_2016 and Leicester City, this is how much you would have won…

A surprising piece of information has been passed around social media this morning, in relation to the most unbelievable events of the year. At the start of 2016, if you had bet £5 on Donald Trump to become President, Brexit to happen, and Leicester to win the Premier League, you would have won a staggering £14 million.

Luckily for bookmakers, no such bet was placed.

But it gives us a glimpse as to just how ridiculous this series of events has been. It’s hard to say which one of the aforementioned events was most unlikely, but at 5,000/1 odds, Leicester city’s Premier League upset surely comes close to causing the most shock.

According to Bookmaker Paddy Power, the three events occurring this year would come to odds of just under 3,000,000/1. A few optimistic Leicester fans were brave enough to put money on The Foxes lifting the Premier League trophy, but no individual put money on all three events happening this year.

Around 70 people went for the Trump/Brexit double, pocketing £14,000 each.

To put it into perspective, the discovery of the Loch Ness Monster was a 500/1 shot earlier this year on Paddy Power.

The discovery of aliens was a more modest 100/1.

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