TOP TRUMP: Tidal wave of shock reaches Leicester


Victory – against all odds


By Sophie Sandberg and Tyler Arthur

This morning, the United Kingdom woke up to the news Donald Trump is the new President of the United States.

The Republican candidate surprised pollsters by winning 289 of the electoral college votes. Hillary Clinton, who, even up until Monday night was the favourite to win, received 218.

Trump’s success sent a tidal wave of shock across the Atlantic.

Even in Leicester, some people have shown their dismay at the result.

Ollie Heppenstall, 18, a first year Journalism student at De Montfort University, said this was an even bigger surprise than the UK voting to leave the EU.

He said: “Take the hysteria of Brexit, multiply it by 10. Then add idiocy and incompetence across the board, from both politicians and electorate. Voila, the 2016 election.”

It was a view echoed on the streets of Leicester this morning.

Sharon, 44, a librarian at the Kimberlin library at DMU, had one word for the result: “Terrifying.

“His views and some of his opinions are very scary to me,” she added.

Nigel, 60, a construction site agent, was also shocked – but he was hoping for the best.

“I’m shocked, but in a sense I’m not totally surprised,” he said.

“What we’ve seen here, with what happened in this country with Brexit… it should not really surprise us. But it might not be as bad as people think it’s going to be.”

However, not
everyone shared this view. Some people in Leicester welcomed the result.

Alicja Walendziak, 20, and Daniel Bush, 18, both English Language and Creative Writing students at DMU, were more positive.donald_trump_27150701414

“I am happy, because a member of the non-establishment won,” Alicja said.

Daniel added: “I’m happy too, that against all odds, somebody who represents the people has won.”

Most of the people interviewed by the Leicestershire Press this morning were unhappy with the result, preferring Hillary Clinton as President.

Mike, 57, a social worker from Leicester, was more pragmatic.

He said: “I am quite surprised, however, I think it’s up to the Americans – not us. And who knows? It could be good for us.”

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