Woman who stabbed her boyfriend Jailed for 17 years

After being found guilty on Friday, a woman has been given a minimum sentence of 17 years for the murder of her boyfriend.

Emma Magson,23, was convicted of stabbing her boyfriend of six months, James Knight, 26, in the heart, on Sunday morning 27 March.

Lead Detective Inspector Shaun Orton, said: “Right from the start, Magson lied about this incident.”

Magson called 999 saying that James had came back from a night out and ‘collapsed on her’ but didn’t mention the stab wound.

DI Orton explained how she had called an ambulance after some time, and when she did, at one point said ‘not to worry’ about there being a delay on the ambulance.

She later told someone she had stabbed him and was soon arrested.

DI Orton said: “If she had picked up the phone to the ambulance service earlier and been truthful about his injuries he may have still been here today.”

At today’s sentencing hearing, Judge Nicholas Dean QC said her actions were done in “impulse and anger.”

Magson had previously received a suspended sentence in 2013 for common assault.

Leicestershire Police has launched a major campaign entitled #LivesNotKnives to combat knife crime in the city. The campaign hopes to:

  • Reduce the number of knife-related offences within the city
  • Educate and inform young people regarding the dangers of carrying knives; and
  • Target young people who are believed to be carrying knives and to bring them to justice.


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