Cards for Good Causes returns to Leicester this Christmas

By Luke Hawker

Cards for Good Causes will return to Leicester to help raise money for various charities this Christmas.

Located in St Martin’s Square, the Christmas card pop-up shop will be the only of its kind in the city centre, and boasts a wide range of unique designs for you to send to loved ones whilst helping others this festive season.

Rosemary Nash-Smith, Manager at Cards for Good Causes, said: “In this one shop we support 40 different charities, and each of those 40 charities can submit eight different designs, so we’ve got an awful lot of cards.”

Cards for Good Causes is a national charity and helps to raise money for organisations such as Cancer Research UK, British Heart foundation and Age UK, and this is the second consecutive year they have come to Leicester City Centre.

Rosemary said: “With this being our second year in this location it has helped us considerably, we now have regular customers coming back to us now, which is great.”

In the past 10 years, charities have received an astonishing £40 million from Cards for Good Causes throughout the UK.

The charity also rely on the work of volunteers who give up their time to ensure the charity get the maximum benefit from the card sales.

Rosemary said: “Cards for Good Causes administers everything to do with the cards, so the charity get back a guaranteed minimum 70p in every pound, which is obviously much more than the shops. Last year we were actually able to give 78p in every pound.”

Their ‘Buy one give twice this Christmas’ slogan could not be more applicable, as this is the time of year for giving.

With cards starting from just £2.50 for a pack of 10, anyone can get involved to support those in need.

Rosemary said: “We try to get a wide range of customers as ages aren’t specific, because we are just Christmas cards it is unfortunate that a lot of young people do not send Christmas cards or don’t send many.

“I’m afraid that it’s, I won’t say the older generation, but let’s say the mature generation who are mostly buying them.”

Cards for Good Causes is open Monday – Saturday 10.00-16.00 in St Martins Square, Leicester.

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