Music Society Crumbles the Cookie

By William Bartholomew

Buzzing young musicians made a triumphant return to the Cookie on Tuesday night.

picture1Vocalists, instrumentalists and musical enthusiasts piled into the basement of the Cookie to partake in the De Montfort University music society’s first showcase of the year.

“The theme tonight is guilty pleasures,” called Hannah, one of the performers into the crowd whose group was performing ‘an evolution of Joe Jonas.’

She added: “But we’re not guilty about any of these.”

The turn out was massive with the Cookies sizable basement barley being able to contain the amount of people that had come to show their support to the society and performers.

Despite a couple of forgotten lyrics, the odd quiet guitar and the occasional missing shirt, each of the night’s performances rocked the house and were responded to with loud applause from the crowd.

Tim Baker, society chairman and front man of the headliner act, said: “Music society this year is fabulous.”

“There is a huge group of people and loads of talent and It’s going to be stupid fun.”

The night moved from Robbie Williams, Mika, Earth Wind and fire and as a rather explosive conclusion, the Spice Girls.

After the night was over, the Cookie was a buzz with groups discussing what was going to happen at the next one and what they were going to perform.

Tim said: “The next one will definitely be just as good.From the sounds of it a lot of people want to play so there should be lots of new acts. The theme is movie sound tracks so it should be a proper laugh.”

The next showcase should be taking place on the 22nd of November at the Cookie.

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