A Day At The Botanická Zahrada

By Connor Watson

A day in the sun, surrounded by colour is what awaits anyone going to visit the Prague Botanical Gardens. The open air park stretches on for hours of walking and exploring. The park also includes some amazing attractions from historical Vineyards, Rare Mexican cacti, to forests of North American Trees.

With the closest bus stop the stop for the Prague Zoo it is no wonder that this little gem had more locals than tourists but that shouldn’t dissuade anyone from taking a walk around the gardens. For a quiet afternoon away from the hectic areas like Charles Bridge or Old Town Square this little corner of Prague offers stunning views as well as a bit of history and science with every exhibit.


For those who are more interested in the Vineyards, wine tasting sessions, a bar and a small café are on offer for you to sample some of what is growing. So as well as being able to sit out on a small terrace and sip away your afternoon with wine the views over Prague from the gardens are some of the best.


For an additional fee visitor can also visit the Fata Morgana a tropical greenhouse embedded into the rocks of the hill the garden is built on. The greenhouse splits into three temperature controlled sections and allows visitors to sample plants and vegetation from all over the world and every climate.



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