Top five Prague cafes to satisfy your sweet tooth


If you are anything like me, travelling to a new country means an excuse to try loads of new foods. Especially the cake!

So obviously to pick my favourite five spots I had to do A LOT of taste tests so you didn’t have to… It was a sacrifice I was willing to make.

Café Au Gourmand


Just off the Old Town Square, I managed to track down this hidden gem. This café is far enough out of the main drag to not cost a fortune but close enough to easily find. It offers visitors a range of different cakes, pasteries and sandwiches. I sampled a personal favourite; the macaron. These colourful little treats come in all different flavours, from vanilla to coffee and are priced at 24KČ each. If you love sugary treats, this is the place for you.

Café Le petit –

There is one thing Europeans love more than anything and that is Nutella. So when I discovered a place that sells Nutella cheesecake for 64kČ I wasn’t sure if I had ended up in heaven instead of Prague. This café is just down the road from the famous ‘Man Hanging Out’ so you have an excuse to pop in, if you have been ‘busy day’ sightseeing.

Loving hut –

This popular Vegan chain is actually a restaurant rather than a cafe but serves a variety of vegan cakes. Personally, I am not a vegan myself yet felt I needed to give this popular eatery a try. To my surprise, the tasty treats on offer were some of the best I have tried in Prague. All cakes are between 50-60kČ and the restaurant offers a really relaxed atmosphere.

Café Milani –


This was the first café I stumbled across in Prague and it was the perfect find. It offers every single cake under the sun and has a wide range of paninis and sandwiches if you fancy something to go alongside your sweet. This café is just down the road from tram stop, Starometska and offers both inside and outside seating. They also offer the traditional Czech honey cake, which, take it from me, cannot be missed.

Good Food Bakery –

Located in the middle of the main street, is the Good Food bakery, which sells the famous Czech Chimney Cake. This cake, which tastes familiar to a doughnut, is roasted rather than fried and then covered in sugar. This bakery offers nutella, white chocolate, nuts, ice cream or whipped cream amongst a number of other different fillings. Prices start at 60KČ, depending on what you chose to indulge in. It is good to note that this place doesn’t offer seating, so you will have to be willing to eat your cake whilst walking through the touristy streets of Old Town.


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