The Perks of the Prague transport system.

By Georgina McEvoy-Jones

Coming from a small town in Wales, where you have to walk a good half an hour to catch a bus which comes once every hour (if it can be bothered) I was extremely impressed by the ease and efficiency of Prague’s transport system.

Once you’ve cracked the basics of buying a ticket, getting it stamped and getting on the right metro, tram or bus you can travel the city within a matter of minutes.

You can buy tickets from most metro stations, bus drivers, some tobacconists and ‘Info Centres’ which can be found within the main train station, Hlavní Nádraží and the airport.

I love the speed of the metro system especially, even if you miss your intended train you usually only have to wait a couple of minutes until the next one comes. However, peak times can be very crowded and after a long day of exploring Prague all you want to do is sit down without having to touch the bacteria filled poll to save you from falling over.

The most important rule of the whole system: get your ticket stamped! A guard clocked that I was a typical tourist speaking English and literally ran over to check if I had a ticket, to which I smugly grabbed it out of my bag and handed over.

The metro runs from 5am (which is great for when you’re crawling back from the club) until midnight, and operates on 3 lines, A, B and C. A metro map is highly recommend map to help you navigate the systems.

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