11.19 on 9/8/16


Regardless of the buskers forcing snakes around your neck, and asking for money for a bit of rope making bubbles- Prague has a lot of musical hidden gems on it’s streets. The Charles Bridge is just one place where buskers can be spotted, and whether it’s live performers singing the Human League’s ‘Don’t You Want Me Baby’, or someone sitting down and having a fag next to a recording of himself on the violin- you’re bound to be surprised.

A common theme throughout busking seems to comprise of numerous glass musicians – where the busker will fill up an array of glasses with different levels of water, and hit them all in order to make a variety of pitches. Despite being something that probably your Nan could muster up, the harmonic tones created from such a simplistic technique make the overall sound even more beautiful. And more than anything, will make you wonder why you’re not doing it on the streets of your local town.


The Beatles is another regular hot choice for either buskers’ song choice or life choice. Whether this is down by the infamous Lennon Wall, or in the Old Town Square, the “fabulous-four” will always find a way back into on-lookers hearts. And they seem to enjoy it. It isn’t at all rare to see families or couples, adoringly crowded around the busker of their choice, singing along to the infamous records they’ve heard over and over.

Full-bands were also something that seemed to be very popular running down the Charles Bridge, with set ups of four or five musicians, all performing in unison and seeming to create a bigger, realer experience of a live band, making you forget you’re on the edge of a bridge in Prague.


Overall it seems that although there are a few key names that some of us would recognise from the music scene in Prague, it’s just as easy to find talent on the streets as well. So keep your eyes, and your ears, peeled, as you might just find the next biggest talent.