The EU Referendum – Britain decides

Five minutes to go before the exit poll. Latest Evening Standard ICM poll had it at 52-48 for Remain. Sounds right, but we’ll have a better idea in five mins.

Wot no exit poll! Sorry folks. In the absence of an exit poll, we’re just going to have to wait as the results come in, but plenty to discuss as we wait for the first results.

Loughborough MP and Education Secretary Nicky Morgan predicts 85 per cent turnout.

Nigel Farage apparently thinks Remain might have just edged it.

Ian Duncan Smith and David Dimbleby are expecting big turnouts on council estates and speculating that these estates will heavily vote Leave. The significance of this is council estates tend not to have a big turnout for other elections.

Seconds after polls close Tory MPs have launched their “Save Dave” campaign – whatever the outcome of the vote.

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