The Undateables review

By Kiesha Dosanjh

The title “The Undateables” gives off the vibe that Channel 4 are making a mockery of the people who suffer from mental and or psychical disabilities who feature on this show trying to find love. They of course would say it’s because the singles featuring in the programme see themselves as being un-dateable but it is doubtful that that would be the first thought to come into anyone’s mind who sees this title and watches the show for the first time.

Episode 3 of series 5 featured 23-year-old George who was on the way to becoming a professional footballer, however a car accident a few years back left him in a wheelchair and paralysed from the waist down. Despite all this he remained with a positive outlook on life however it left him with a lack of confidence in the dating world. He was paired with Nathalie who he seemed to get along with fine, however whether there’s a future for them is debatable. This particular section of the episode caused an uproar on Twitter with people making comments about how he really isn’t undateable and how so many of them would definitely date him due to his good looks.

By featuring George on the show, Channel 4 were probably trying to get rid of the negativity they have surrounded the programme with by creating the impression that people mainly with mental disabilities ‘undateable’ however, it just really backfired on them with the majority of the audience saying he didn’t belong on the show through Twitter. Maybe it’s too hard to try and fix the mistakes of a programme five series in.

Bethany, a 20 year old who suffers from Down syndrome wanted a boyfriend like all her friends. She was set up to go on a date with a boy who has been diagnosed with Asperger’s. The date seemed to go well, however the audience were shown at the end of the episode that after two months she still hadn’t heard from him and like every girl does, Bethany blamed it on herself. However audience members were praising her on Twitter for how well she handled first date nerves and said she was out of his league anyway after she was shown getting teary eyed about it whilst discussing the situation with her mum.

Luckily for Bethany (and the viewers) the dating agency set her up on another date with Miles who also shares her condition. They bonded over their love for JLS and the most heart-warming part of the show came from the couple at the end of their date where Miles asked Bethany to be his girlfriend in a unique way, opening with the line: “luckily for you I don’t have a girlfriend.”

This occurred right at the end of the show, as the programme always aims to leave the viewers with a warm feel good inside, and this definitely set out what it aimed to do. It was very moving as it showed that they don’t have to go through things in relationships that the majority of people go through as they’re both as sweet and as innocent as each other. They already have enough hardships in their life, it’s so heart-warming to see the relationship side of their life going smoothly and to see them both with someone just as kind and thoughtful as themselves.

All in all, the concept for the programme is very heart warming and thoughtful, however Channel 4 maybe could have gone a different way about it, starting off by changing the name. There’s a fine line between mockery and comedy in how the people act and what they say in this programme, but it just wouldn’t be a Channel 4 programme without that line.


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