The Hoosiers play yummy gig in Leicester

By Natasha Stapleton

The HoosiersIndie band The Hoosiers played an acoustic session at a restaurant in Leicester City Centre today.

The band who were famous for tracks including ‘Goodbye Mr A’ and ‘Worried About Ray’ in the late 2000s played at Meatcure on Highcross Street at 12.15pm.

Assistant manager Warner Bates said: “We want to do exciting things be it live music or fashion shows or stand up comedy. We want to push the limits of what it means to be an independent restaurant in Leicester.”

The band’s 4th studio album, ‘The Secret Service’, was released on October 9, however they have been somewhat under the radar for a few years since their last album ‘Bumpy Ride’ was released in 2011.

Entry was free and Meatcure also offered 20% off food for everyone who was lucky enough to get a table between 12pm and 2pm, and also for anyone who wanted to take away after the set.

Around 50 people attended the gig, meaning the small restaurant was relatively full.

Warner added: “The gig came about by me wanting to push the whole ‘more than just a burger joint’ motto of ours. The Hoosiers have a contact in common with us here in Leicester so we saw a great opportunity.”

“Because we are independent we can jump on these great opportunities when they come along.”

Audience member Tommaso Turner, 23, said: “It was a really fun gig, with a great atmosphere, it was really good to hear songs I haven’t heard for a long time. Plus, the food was twice as good.”

Meatcure has three restaurants across the Midlands, one in Market Harborough which opened in October 2014, one that will be opening soon in Leamington Spa and one in Leicester which opened in June.

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