Demolition and rebuilding project takes shape

Fletcher building

By Simran Gill

The demolition of the Fletcher building, on the De Montfort University campus, started in January 2014 and is due for completion in early 2016.

Costing £136 million, housing the faculty of art and design, the new building will have multiple areas for students to learn and socialise, and the Student’s Union relocated here, spread over 6 storeys.

The old Fletcher building was constructed in the 1960’s, and was lacking maintenance and state of modern art.

Umesh Desai, Deputy Director of the Estates and Commercial Services Department, said: ‘The building will have its own identity, it will be a mix of modern and the 60s, bringing a new lease of life, with a feature pod, and a creative and culture centre.’

He claimed: ‘It will change the area, creating lots of green, open public spaces, with the food court relocated, and a new riverside café included.’

The project is eco-friendly, recycling old materials with the tower block being covered with PV solar panels.

Umesh added: ‘The tower block will be refurbished, with a new wing, concrete frame structure and glass.’

The demolition will be carried out using a digger to rupture the concrete into small pieces. Steel and timber will then be removed and put into separate skips.

Health and safety precautions have been introduced for staff and students.

He added: ‘The construction area is segregated, it has solid hoardings and mesh fencing, so students can’t get into the construction area.’

Umesh added: ‘I’m finding this project very rewarding and exciting, as it’s one of the biggest project’s the university has undertaken. It’s quite challenging as lots of issues arise, but it’s something we’ll be proud of in the years to come.’

If you would like to find out more about the Fletcher building development, you can watch the video on:

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