DMU £42 million Creative and Cultural Centre to be completed in July 2016

Fletcher Complex development
Fletcher Complex development

By Aliyah Loughlan

De Montfort University’s 42 million Creative and Cultural Centre is to be completed for July 2016.

The Fletcher Tower is in refurbishment; other buildings are in development in order to enhance the modern look for DMU. Worldwide contractors Balfour Beatty are working hard to get the project completed in time for the 2015/16 academic year starting.

Builder Matt Major, 24, who is working on the DMU site, said: “There are plans for two main buildings within the site and they’re supposedly going to be used as study rooms.”

The new development plans are set to promote Chinese language and culture for the international students. The progress of the construction site began in August 2014.

Architecture, Art and Interior Design Students have been getting involved and planning the interior construction of the Fletcher Complex. The development of the complex is offering DMU Students the opportunity to apply their skills in project management in order to help within their future career.

DMU wanted to provide a learning environment that is creative and really specified to the artistic students, in order to stimulate new and exciting ideas for up and coming events.

“The progress I’ve seen since working on the site in August 2014 is really good” said Matt. The new development will also become a landmark to the West End of the city, including an outdoor video screen. The 18-month project has given work experience to DMU Students and allowed preparation for work life after graduating.

Visit the DMU Facebook page to view the whole gallery of the Fletcher Complex’s development:

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