The Festival Of Ideas returns

By Lewis Bagshawfestival-of-ideas-bnr

The Theory Of Everything: Putting Knowledge Into Practice for Public Good, is just one of the many fun and exciting lectures coming to DMU during this week’s Festival of Ideas.

The festival will give oppurtunites for students of De Montfort University to attend a variety of lectures and seminars that will hopefully be of interest to many.

The events include Wartime Farm Revisited, a talk by Professor John Martin on the important role of Britain’s rural community during the Second World War. This talk will be held in room 2.07 of the Hugh Aston building on Monday, March 16, between 1-2pm.

Lauren Cressey, 20, a first year Film Studies and Creative Writing student, said: “I think the festival is an excellent idea, the idea of showing what people have achieved here at DMU is heartwarming and I will definitely be attending to see what kind of exciting and outstanding work they’ll be showing.”

There will also be a talk by Professor Liming Chen on Making Ageing Easier – does technology have the answer?, about the role technology will have for the healthcare services. This talk will also be held in Hugh Aston on Wednesday, March 18, between 1-2pm in room 3.04.

The festival continues on from the success of last year and you can actually listen to some of last year’s lectures at and you can also read more information on each of the talks there.

Not all students have heard of this festival, however. Martin Williams, 19, a first year Arts student, said: “ I’ve not heard of this but I’ll certainly look into it now.”

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