Famous faces to be at DMU

20150216_122202By Lewis Bagshaw

The Cultural Exchanges Festival 2015 is soon upon us, but are DMU students truly interested?

The festival promises to be a roaring success with the inclusion of well known artists such as Doc Brown and Carol Ann Duffy.

When asked about the festival, many students said that they had not heard of it, some had heard of it but were not planning on attending and few were actually going to attend.

One student who had heard of the event may go to ‘A pictorial history of Leicester City FC’ with John Hutchinson on Friday the 27th of February in Clephan 0.01 at 4-5pm, he told us.

Another student, Kelly Davies who studies Creative Writing at DMU, said that, “I’m going to four of the events as I have to for my assignment, it should also be fun!”

“I’m going to Carol Ann Duffy poetry reading, Phill Beadle’s teaching talk, the Creative Leicestershire in a day session and the concerts by Annette Vande Gorne.”

The festival is not just open to DMU students, it is open to anyone who wishes to go, meaning that there are a range of different events so that there is something for everyone.

Most of the scheduled events will take place between the 23rd and 27th20150216_111052 of February and are free with a few exceptions such as seeing Carol Ann Duffy and Doc Brown, who are charging only a small amount compared to what they would usually. Doc Brown will be in Clephan 2.13 at 5-6pm on Monday the 23rd of February with the poetry reading the next day in the same room at 7:30-8:30pm.

To book tickets go to http://www.dmu.ac.uk/cultural-exchanges-festival/index.aspx and click on ‘Book Online’

Despite the predicted success, it is still feared that many students will not take advantage of the festival and not attend, one student told us that he hadn’t heard of the festival but may now go after finding out about it, but was worried it was too late for him to plan for.

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