Campaign hits back at Westminster for lack of housing

by Cameron Titchmarsh

A joint campaign aims to raise awareness of the on-going housing crisis that is affecting not just Leicestershire but the whole of Britain.

Only 130,000 new houses are built each year when a predicted 240,000 new houses are needed.

With the General Elections just weeks away the East Midlands Housing Group and the National Housing Federation hope their campaign will push the housing crisis onto the main parties agendas and give it the exposure it so desperately needs.

Jim Patman, a chair of the East Midlands Housing Group and one of the main advocates of the campaign said: “The need for more housing and for the government to build more homes is one of the most important issues facing our country today and the parties need to face up to problem and start coming up with solutions.”

He said he hoped the campaign would get through to MPs in Westminster and ensure more housing was built for future generations.

Joining with the National Housing Federation has allowed the East Midlands Housing Group to travel around the country promoting their ideas for more new housing to be built.

An official march takes place in Westminster on March 17 to take their message directly to MPs in Parliament.

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