Fur scandal spreads to DMU

Tendai and his fur jacket

Tendai and his fur jacket

By Ilaina Skinner

Fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld has controversially announced that for his upcoming haute couture fashion show he will be using animal fur, which has caused a stir in the fashion industry and inspired fashion students at De Montfort University.

The fur peices are to be unveiled in July during the Paris Couture Fashion Week.

Lagerfeld, head designer of Chanel, made his views abundantly clear on fur. He said: “The problem with fur…for me, as long as people eat meat and wear leather, I don’t get the message.

“It’s very easy to say no fur, no fur but it’s an industry.

“‘I hate the idea of killing animals in a horrible way, but I think all that improved a lot. I think a butcher shop is even worse.”

His comments have caused a massive uproar from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) who described the designer as “shameful and pathetic”.

But how has this dispute filtered down to students studying fashion? DMU fashion student Tendai Motiwa said: “I agree with Lagerfeld, our heritage is very important and because the ancient world used fur there should be no difference in today’s fashion and fur should still be used today.”

Tendai recently designed a Largerfeld-inspired fur jacket, which he described as: “faux fur because the fur itself is too expensive. However I would much rather use natural fur rather than chemically enhanced synthetic fabrics.

“This garment is not only inspired by the designer but also the ancient way of life and fashion.”

To follow Tendai’s work and journey in fashion, visit https://www.pinterest.com/tendaimotiwa10/

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