No Oscar for this sweet hell

Amina Osman reviews Home Sweet Hell

Home sweet hell

R(18), 98 min

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Bad actors, good storyline

arts reviews photoSo it seems A. J. Buckley, producer of ‘Home Sweet Hell’ could have invented a good comedy drama but ended up burning its flavour through his choice of lead characters.

Katherine Heigl and Patrick Wilson seemed as though they were topping up their usual acting skills or better still having acting classes in this ‘Darko Entertainment’ movie.

From a funny chick in ‘The Ugly Truth’ and ‘Knocked Up’ to a psychopathic wife, it seems the ‘Life as We Know It’ star was trying too hard to be her opposite in her role as Mona Champagne in this twisted comedy.

“Leave the dark scenes for those who do it best Katherine, you are much better off with ‘Romance’.”

To, all ‘Insidious one and two’ fans out there, we know how Patrick Wilson gave his best performance which won him second place as ‘best actor’ in the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards and a further 3 separate nominations. He has squeezed in good efforts towards some comedies like ‘The Switch’ starring alongside Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman, but for this one, let’s not hold our breath, it looks like he’s heading towards The Razzie Awards for worst actor. “To be a pushover husband doesn’t mean to overreact.”

For viewers looking for a newly released comedy, shot in a beautiful neighbourhood with no expectations of who plays what role, and how well they play it, then ‘Home Sweet Hell’ is worth the time and money. The storyline is interesting.  How Carol Allen, Ted Elrick and Tom Lavagnino came up with such a story, I don’t know, because it is perfect.

Don Champagne ( Patrick Wilson) haves an affair with his sales assistant (Jordana Brewster). He gathers the courage to tell his domineering wife Mona (Heigl) and the response isn’t the usual emotional tantrum: “How could you do this to me?  I’m taking the kids and filing for a divorce”, but let’s just say: “Be careful who you cheat on”.

Why Patrick and Katherine managed to accept such roles is the embarrassing question. Watching them in this gory flick is like insulting their reputation. The story wasn’t just meant for them.

‘Home Sweet Hell’ is the kind you’ll put your feet up for and then wonder: “Was it the director; Anthony Burns that went horribly wrong at his job or was the weight just too heavy for the two to carry”?

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