2 Broke Girls: And The Broken Record

Sassy attitudes and snappy one liners aren’t enough to salvage this filler episode, says Emily Paget.

Arts Review Image Max Black and SebastianAs the new season of 2 Broke Girls returns with a ‘booty call’ last Thursday, we’re left wondering what it was we just watched.

It’s payday for the girls, Max and Caroline but it’s a stranger in their apartment that catches them by surprise. After Caroline catches Sebastian in their apartment, she makes sure Max gets to know a little more about her Tuesday night mystery caller by introducing them. Before long, Max gets to know Sebastian as a DJ for Whole Foods; while Caroline gets the opportunity to have the last word, after she confronts an old rival.

This show definitely packs a punch with its staple sarcastic remarks and right from off, we see in true fashion how funny this show can be. Hilarious one liners like: ‘And you can just call me what you usually do. “Oh God.”’ provide a few sniggers, but the show struggles to offer anything more; despite what the canned laughter would have you believe. Instead, the show feels like it’s glued together with one liners that, to anyone watching at home, tended to fall on deaf ears.

Aside from the countless one liners offered, the plot feeArts Review Image Jesse Metcalfels awkward like the whole 20 minutes were a filler episode until something more interesting came along. The ‘relationship’ between Max and Sebastian felt stunted and awkward in places like the writers kept slamming on the brakes. Not to mention the sheer absurdity of having a DJ in a grocery store, it felt too over the top and almost an attempt from the writers to get some laughs.

It was no wonder the show brought out its big guns in the shape of guest star Jesse Metcalfe (who played Sebastian). The John Tucker Must Die star provides some nice eye-candy that occasionally distracts you from the plot and the cringe-worthy lines he delivers: ‘The music be bumping and we buying pumpkin’. Let’s just hope the writers take off the brakes on his relationship with Max, so Jesse can prove he’s not just a pretty face.

But the sole reason I still tune in to this series is for the stunning performance of Kat Dennings (who plays Max Black). Her sarcastic attitude, Cheshire cat grin and wonderful delivery of lines make you envy her and want to be her at the same time.

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