It’s a hard New York for little Annie

ChereAnnie 2014lle Cawthorne reviews how the famous orphan hits the big screen once again

Running time: 118 min

Certificate: PG

Star rating: 4/5 star rating

Director: Will Gluck





Annie (Quvenzhane Wallis) is a foster child who seems to have it altogether in the busy New York but she is in constant hope that her parents will come back for her just like they promised. Miss Hannigan (Cameron Diaz) is her evil foster mum who makes Annie’s and the other children’s lives hell. However, Annie’s life takes a drastic turn when she unexpectedly meets mayoral candidate Will Stacks. (Jamie Foxx)


I am sure we will all agree that the original ‘Annie,’ in film, is a tough act to follow so the release of the modern version has had us perched on our seats with excitement, and needless to say, it has done itself justice.

Miss Hannigan definitely lives up to her famous witch-like role as she shouts and orders the children around. Despite Miss Hannigan’s best efforts, Annie is not fazed by her and always keeps spirits high in the home reminding the children “we all have families somewhere.” The director (Will Gluck) has made a film about an orphan that everyone would most certainly love to adopt.

A lot of the songs performed throughout the film have an updated sound which complements the film extremely well. ‘Hard knock life’ was my favourite song from the film as it saw all the foster children cleaning the house and making a parody of Miss Hannigan. It had me and everyone in the cinema in fits of laughter!

The film did, however, lack a sense of structure which deterred from the story line and may have caused some people to switch off. Dramatic turn of events sometimes lacked empathy because of how quickly the scene or scenes were dealt with and this could have seen more attention. Though this is a flaw it does not deter from the enjoyment of the film as the songs and charisma make it wonderfully extravagant.

Just like in the classic Annie is invited to live in a massive mansion. Being the fun-loving and adventurous girl she is Annie offers to make Mr Stacks food on several occasions. Let’s just say it doesn’t go quite as she’d hoped! This is just one of many moments where the two are an absolutely hilarious pairing in this lively must-see film.


Everyone around Annie seems to fall in love with her, and her antics, and you will not leave the cinema disappointed. You probably won’t be able to get a few songs out of your head for a while either.

Annie (2014)

Showcase cinema

Release date: 26th December 2014

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