DMU squashes Islamic misconceptions in Discover Islam Week

By Alison Hart
Discover Islam Week returns to De Montfort University today as members of the Islamic Society speak out about the misconceptions of the religion.

Students are setting up ‘dawah’, or invitation to understand, stalls outside the Campus Centre to teach people about Islam and its beliefs.

20-year-old Iffat Perviaz said: “When some people hear the word Islam, they associate it with terrorists and other negative thoughts. We are here to educate students about the religion and to get rid of the misconceptions. Islam encourages people to do good, not bad.”

Discover Islam is a charity based in London with the aim to ‘serve the non Muslim community in the UK by providing educational material about Islam.’

A series of events are being held in universities and colleges all over the country, including Leicester’s De Montfort, where activities are being held from 2nd-6TH March.

There are multiple talks throughout the week held by experts in the Hugh Aston building at 6.15pm about different topical subjects.

Issues covered include ‘why were we created?’ and ‘miracles in the Quran’ as well as misconceptions surrounding women wearing the hijab and much more.

On Friday, everyone who attends the talk will receive a free dinner afterwards in the DMU prayer room.

As well as educational talks, games and activities will be featured, such as writing positive messages about Islam on a banner that people have learnt over the week.

For more information head to or take a visit to the DMU Student Union.

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