Students urged to get involved in General Election

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Georgia Hollis

By Oliver Huxtable

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Matt McLoughin, left, and Freya Edwards

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Irene Depablo

With only two months to go until the General Election De Montfort University students are just waking up to the importance their votes could hold.

Students were asked a series of questions regarding their concern for politics after concerns of apathy and disinterest have been raised amidst their generation.

When asked if they were aware of the upcoming date of the elections, several students expressed concern over the lack of exposure they felt the elections have received so far.

“It’s just the whole society, you don’t see much interest any more,” said Freya Edwards, a 19-year-old art student.

“We are at the age where we should be interested in politics, but the elections should be displayed more often.”

Fellow art student Matt McLoughin, 19, said: “Even if the elections aren’t happening yet, I should see it mentioned more. It seems it’s only when I get wound up by politics that I get involved.”

Students recognised the importance of the elections but felt that there were barriers to participation.

Georgia Hollis, a 20-year-old sociology student, said: “I think being required to register to vote puts people off, it might help if they could just turn up.”

She believes encouraging student interest in politics could “come down to education, there is a responsibility too on parents to encourage their kids.”

Irene Depablo, a 20-year-old Journalism and Media and Communication student, believed previous elections and their effects on student fees could have both positive and adverse influences on student involvement in this General Election.

She said: “Some will feel driven to change this and others may feel disheartened and like they are not able to do anything about it.

“Students don’t feel represented or like they can change anything. They struggle to relate to the old family men in parliament.”

More information about the General Election on Thursday, May 7, is available at

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